A social impact design project focused on improving communication and engagement strategies for Harvest Home, a nonprofit aiding homeless pregnant women.
Role: Consultant 
Client: Harvest Home 
Brief: Design a strategic communication plan for Harvest Home to effectively portray its mission and values, with the goal of increasing donor and volunteer engagement.
Project Challenge
Problem: Harvest Home needed to modernize its communication strategies to effectively convey its mission and values, aiming to increase donor and volunteer engagement while addressing the diverse needs of the pregnant women experiencing homelessness that they serve.
Insights: Through workshops and interviews with Harvest Home staff, it was discovered that personal stories of the women they serve were powerful tools for engagement. Highlighting the diverse backgrounds and resilience of these women would better convey the impact of Harvest Home’s work and connect more deeply with potential supporters.
Solution:  A comprehensive communication strategy that included an updated website section featuring impactful alumni stories, proposals for expanding social media presence to platforms with higher engagement, and the creation of promotional materials highlighting Harvest Home’s mission, needs, and community impact.
Client Profile 

Harvest Home Alumna and brief overview of Harvest Home Statistics

Harvest Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources and housing to pregnant women experiencing homelessness. With nearly 40 years of service, they have assisted over 700 families, boasting an 80% success rate in helping women secure stable housing. Harvest Home offers a supportive environment where pregnant women in need can access essential resources and guidance to navigate their way towards a brighter future for themselves and their families.
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